Las Vegas Photo & Video

Pro Open Air Photo Booth

We are a corporate event photography company with photo booths, (not just a photo booth company)we know what it takes to produce good quality pro images every time!

Everybody in each photo gets their own print - it just takes seconds - we ask couples if they want one print or two, and if they want a print each - that works for us!

Our Pro Open Air Photo Booth is staffed by a professional photographer and produces crisp, clear photo quality dye sublimation prints in seconds!

As soon as the photo is taken you can upload your images to social media / sharing via text or email.

Lots of Options for Every Budget:

You can choose between the UNLIMITED print option, which is perfect for larger events or

the A LA CARTE print option, which is perfect for the smaller event, where you pay for prints produced.

We also have a NO PRINT option, where your guests email or text their images to themselves. (This of course is the cheapest option).

We can print different size prints.

You can add an assistant to help speed the process along which is perfect for large events.

Adding an I-pad helps the guests to quickly send / upload their images.

Las Vegas Party Props are available.

Every print can have your company logo or wording printed on it and the emails can contain a customized message just for your event.

We can deliver to you a digital copy of every photo taken, and we can also supply a list of the email addresses which your guests / attendees used to send their images to themselves. (This is especially useful where the the photo booth is used at a tradeshow, for example, where you are trying to generate new business with free photos for your visitors.

We have standard backgrounds available, but with green screen, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing your background!Any background is possible with ourPro Open Air Photo Booth! Whatever the theme of your event, you can have a background that works for you!

We deliver the prints in clear plastic protective sleeves, (included). Deluxe black photo folders are also available.

Although our photo booth can produce many different print sizes from photo strips to 8x10s! we recommend 4x6 prints as the best option: They are large enough to be a good souvenir photo, but but not too large for a purse or jacket pocket. There will be room for your branding on a 4x6 AND they are relatively inexpensive.

With green screen (which uses digital backgrounds) your guests can have a choice of up to three backgrounds when they are at the photo booth, however, it's our experience that one terrific background is best because lines can be created as groups of people try to decide which background to pick!

The Photo Booth Requirements:

We need a minimum of 8’ x 8’ of clear floor space, a dedicated 120v power supply and a table for props.

Indoor locations work best. Outdoor set ups can be challenging and the photo booth must be sheltered from the elements; sun, wind, etc.

Overlays, Logos & Lettering

For us to add Overlays, Logos or Lettering to your prints we will need to receive camera ready art from you. Either a .jpeg or .png image, 500KB or larger, sized to fit in a 4x6 inch horizontal (landscape) photo.

Darker logos or lettering may need to be provided on a white background to “stand-out” in the event photos. Please specify in which corner your logo should be positioned.

Our Wi-Fi hotspot needs a signal to email / text images onsite. If there is not a good connection at your location we will need access to your your event / hotel wi-fi connection in order to send images onsite.

Images sent onsite can have a single customized “subject” line (up to 30 characters) and a single customized “message” including URL’s, Facebook & Instagram etc. (up to 100 characters) when using our iPad system.

Photo Booth Overlay Instructions

The overlay should be 4x6 inches in horizontal proportion. 1800 x 1200 Pixels. The overlay should also be in a .png file type.

There should be a transparent area in the center where the guests image will appear.

We recommend that you send the overlay to us at least two weeks ahead of the event to allow us time to do a mock up for your approval and any changes that may be necessary.