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Interviews & Testimonial Videos

Interviews & Testimonial Videos

These are usually "TV style" sit down interviews in a carefully lit, controlled environment or a set with excellent audio quality.

They can be any length and are great for Q&A and in-depth interviews, where the interviewer is usually mic'd and talks to and asks questions of the interviewee. To make the video more interesting to watch multiple camera angles are used.

This is usually a two-camera shoot, (although the first video below is a clip from a three camera shoot), and the Senator Harry Reid clip from the testimonial for Governor Brian Sandoval was a single camera shoot.

Most of these sample clips are about a minute long:

For information about "Green Screen Video" please click on the following link: Green Screen Video

Video Editing

Video needs editing to realize its potential - if not by us, then by somebody else! If you wish us to edit, the total cost will depend upon the length and complexity of the project, We will be able to estimate the editing costs when we know what the project involves