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Live Streaming Virtual & Hybrid Events

We can shoot a video of your event and Livestream it for you!

With COVID putting capacity limits on large gatherings of people and the reluctance of people to fly, more and more meeting planners are pivoting towards virtual and hybrid events.

We have covered Livestreaming presentations and consider ourselves to be corporate video specialists, so if you need a partner in this area we can certainly help!

If your event involves Livestreaming presentations or speeches, perhaps with multiple camera angles, switched live between camera angles, and including PowerPoint slides? etc. so that the viewer gets a more complete experience, we can do that for you.

COVID has ravaged the event industry. Confined to virtual and hybrid events, meeting planners are hurting. We promise to be sensitive to your reduced budget, and we can trim our services as necessary. We can cover virtual events for you which will be seen online either Livestreamed and/or recorded and we will do everything we can to work within your budget and deliver real value for money.

If you are planning Hybrid events in the coming months where the event will be experienced live by a reduced number of attendees, with others attending virtually. Of course, we can handle these for you also.

If you are considering a virtual or hybrid event, please give us a call or send us an email, and hopefully we can answer any questions which you may have.

And remember, we can also shoot some still images for you!

Keep healthy and stay safe!