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Live Streaming

Live Streaming Video

A great option for sharing Keynotes, General Sessions, Demos, Training etc. with those who are not able to attend the event in person, (currently, most of us).

Unlike POV single camera streaming, we can switch live between multiple sources, multiple cameras, videos and PowerPoint decks. With regular video conferencing, where the screen is divided up between the participants and screen sharing, we can switch full screen between the different media sources and cameras so that the most relevant view is the one seen remotely. This is because like live TV it is switched live. (We can of course do split screens also).

As soon as the live event has finished we will have a copy of the switched broadcast ready to upload to your site so that it can also be viewed on demand, anywhere, at any time by those who missed it or want to se it again.

Non-Live Streaming

The cost of a hardwired broadband connection suitable for good streaming can be prohibitive in many event locations - so we have another option. We record the presentation "live" as if we were live-streaming, but do not upload it live as it happens. Once the presentation is over we will have a fully edited version of the "live " performance ready to upload to be watched around the world.

This delayed streaming has some advantages over "live-streaming". The delay allows for any proprietary information to be quickly edited out, any errors or misinformation to be corrected and in the unfortunate event that a presenter says something of which HR would not approve - it too can be quickly edited out!

What's live is REALLY LIVE, and once it's out there on the internet it's too late to do anything about it!

The delayed stream has the advantages of being able to make any any last minute edits AND saves on the expense of the onsite broadband connection to stream live.

If your team are in different time zones viewing the live stream may not be convenient, so why not just have it available for viewers to access the during their next workday, (unless you need them to watch it live at 3am!)

By simply adding the hardwired broadband connection onsite it can be shown live all around the world AND during the next workday in each time zone.

Every event is different, so we can't give you a quote without knowing some information about your project. Please feel free to let us know what you have in mind, we can share our experiences with you and give you a no obligation quote.