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Open-Air Video Booth Rental

Our Pro Open Air Video Booth is, like the Photo Booth, staffed by a professional, this time a videographer. We do this to maintain the highest quality standards. The guests can see themselves as they are recording their video clip, and they can replay it to see and hear what they recorded. If they would like a second take, we can go again!. This is a low cost and non-intimidating way to get quick customer testimonials or comment, without the cost of and equipment involved in full video-production.

corporate videographer interview set-up at booth

Another more "corporate" set-up we can offer is to have a pro camera, lighting audio etc. and have the videographer conduct the interviews.

This set-up works well if you want more control over what the interviewees say! Like in the "I'm a pawnbroker!" video above.

It takes up no more space, costs about the same as the video booth, and looks more professional, basically the same as the video booth - but without the video booth box!