Las Vegas Photo & Video

Professional Corporate Event Videography

"Onstage" Presentations & Lectures (Long Form Video)

Fixed position video shoot: $195 per hour (for onstage presentations etc.). This is a two-camera shoot. One camera with an operator for close-ups / audience reaction, and one unmanned camera locked down on a wide shot of the stage and screen. Please add one additional hour for set up time/ removal time for the two cameras etc. $195 per set-up

Highlight Videos / Sizzle Reels (Short Form Video)

Roaming Video Shoot: $195 per hour (for highlight video footage /short clips or “man on the

street” interviews. This is a single camera shoot - no additional hour of set-up time required.

Video Editing: $150.00 per hour

Video needs editing to realize its potential - if not by us, then by somebody else! If you wish us to edit, the total cost will depend upon the length and complexity of the project, We will be able to estimate the editing costs when we know what the project involves