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Keynotes & Presentation Videos

Keynotes & Presentation Videos

(Full-Length, Long Form Video)

Up to an hour long, sometimes longer, these videos contain the presentation or keynote etc. usually in its entirety.

Our concept is that to make the video more interesting for the viewer, we provide two cameras to capture different angles, but only charge for one!

A single camera angle for the duration of a presentation can be tough for the viewer to watch - however, two different shots, when edited together, make for a much more interesting and informative video, which is why we consider the second (free) camera to be necessary.

CAMERA 1: The camera & videographer would provide a close-up shot of the presenter, with optional occasional audience reaction shots. Like the sample below:

CAMERA 2: The camera at the back of the room would be locked down on a wide shot of the stage and screen, like the sample below:

Please Note: The slides & video shown on the in room screen are usually edited into the video in post production, so the content can be clearly seen and understood by the viewer

Please add one additional hour for set up time/ removal time / audio checks for the two cameras etc.

We can usually offer you reduced pricing if your program requires a large number of hours of coverage!

Most of these sample Presentation Video clips are less than a minute long: