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Speakers & General Session Images

The Main Event - one of big reasons that we are all here at this conference!

Conference photographer - DoD Featured Speaker onstage

Conference Photographer - enthralled audience members

A captivating keynote speaker, a riveted audience and a powerful motivational message!Corporate photographer - speaker at at General Session

These are the highlights of your meeting, conference or convention, and we can capture the atmosphere and the gravitas of the occasion.

Corporate Photographer - Computer Company Convention

Sometimes they are humorous, sometimes sad, but always moving and we can capture that for you so that this memorable occasion will live on

Corporate Photographer - Game Show at a General Session

Sometimes just the effect of having all your colleagues in the same room can electrify the proceedings - even if it is for game show - albeit for a lot of money!

Corporate Photographer - NFL quarterback Drew Brees

A celebrity guest speaker is always a high point for the audience, and we have have photographed so many - from U.S. Presidents on down.

We shoot quickly, so if you plan to have a meet & greet for your executives we won't be wasting anybody's valuable time!

And, no we will not ask to have a photo taken of us with your guest - no matter who they are - we are professionals and we know why we are at your event.

Corporate Photographer Organization's Keynote Speaker

The state of the company - plans for the future - recognition for a job well done!

And if the job is so well done that you don't want anybody to know how you did it - we'll blur out the information on the PowerPoint for you.

You can trust us to keep your secrets and if you would like us to sign an NDA to protect your proprietary information we will happily do so.

Corporate Photographer -  Audience member applauded

And for that special moment when one of your own is recognized from the stage for their performance that went above and beyond, just let us know where they are sitting and when it's going to happen and we'll do our best to capture the special moment forever!