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Large Group Photographs


We LOVE shooting large group photographs! The end result is usually REALLY impressive, the attendees love them too, and as we do this often we have learned how to do it quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption -it's all in the preparation. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance*

We are usually happy to share our "Helpful Hints" but this is one specialty where we are keeping our lips tightly sealed! Suffice to say that we are confident that we can get great results in virtually any situation - and yes, we expect to be able to see everybody's faces - even if they are wearing hats! (Just so long as we have time for some prep and probably a site inspection!). But we will give this Helpful Hint: This is easiest to do well outside in the daytime.

*This is saying close to my heart - not just because I'm from England and my Dad served in the British Army, (thankfully not in wartime). This is the abbreviated version of the British army 7Ps: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent P*** Poor Performance.